Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Evelyn

My littlest one turned eight on Thursday. We invited her buddies Abby and Abby to join us at the Baltimore Aquarium for the day to celebrate.
(It's Nemo in an anemone!)

A much needed chocolate milk break before the Dolphin Show.

Happy Birthday, Em!


Elise said...

mom, can you take me there next year for my birthday?

Anonymous said...

I want to go too! Happy Birthday Evelyn.


Jojo :) said...

I remember when Janelle and Noelle and I went there!!! That was so much fun!

Jen said...

Love the look of wonderment (is this a word?) on her face in pic #2! Great capture! :)

TK said...

Happy Birthday Evelyn!
Jean love the photos, Good job!

Casey said...

wow...those bring back memories... i LOVED going there when i was little... and not so little. David took me there (at my request :0) right before he proposed last November.

mike hartnett said...

flipper looks frighting in that first picture(!)

aw, i remember going there for elise's birthday when she was like.. 8. That was the time we needed to bring 99 kids to qualify for group discount. haha so fun :D

Happy birthday ev!!