Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lala and Lisey

Old friends are the best friends. One could hardly call these two old, but in their lifetime they've been friends for almost as long as they can remember. They are what I call "kindred spirits." When they were younger, they were truly inseparable. You almost never saw one without the other. They would think alike, finish one another's sentences, and laugh uproariously for no apparent reason to the outside world. They had a language all their own and their friendship was a delight to observe.

Alas, as they say, "seasons change" and they don't see one another nearly as often these days. However, Lauren surprised Elise for her birthday and took her to the Kennedy Center for a National Symphony Orchestra performance of the Music of John Williams, one of Elise's favorite contemporary composers. She knows virtually every note of every song he's written and she and Lauren share a love of his music. She said the concert was amazing!


Lydia said...

i love them!! :)

Goodnight, Mom said...

It's funny you should write a post on your daughter's best friend. I have recently returned from two weddings of two of my closest friends. At each wedding, I saw groups of friends I was inseperable from growing up but hardly see anymore.

Your photos are amazing.