Sunday, February 25, 2007

Real men don't wear baby blue

Maryland 89 UNC 87
Definitely the sweetest game I've ever been to. Brew and Jen, I changed my mind - let's go to Tampa!
I love basketball.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


PVAC Girls Middle School Basketball Champions:
Covenant Life Cougars
Undefeated with a record of 16 - 0
Coach Don Glab with the 3 team captains
Colleen Marshall, Janelle Mays, and Kendall Glab
Congratulations Team!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grace on ice

Due to the impending ice storm, Grace decided to stay with us instead of heading out to her house in Clarksburg. She ended up staying with us for quite a while. When was it you came, Gracie? Groundhog's Day? Anyway, we had a great few days with her spending time watching movies, eating candy, cheering on the Terps. So this morning she decided she should head home to get reacquainted with her own family and ventured out to de-ice her car which was caked in 4 inches of ice. I looked out the window and this is what I saw. Notice where her car WAS and where it ended up. Her little blue car, which I will now call Xerxes, was stuck on a solid sheet of ice in our yard. It was at enough of an incline that no matter what she did it wouldn't move. So there it stayed until help arrived.
Thank goodness for her brothers....and of course Jesse! All four of them said the same thing when they saw the car. "Grace?! What were you thinking?"

After lots of chopping ice and quick witted one-liners from the Apolenis guys, she made it to the driveway. Paul shouted to her as she drove to the street, "Keep going, Grace. Don't stop till you hit the highway!" She's promised to come back in April and reseed the lawn.
Gracie, it was great fun having you here! We will miss you. Remember, your name is now hyphenated. Apolenis-Mays.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Favorite Pastime

One of our favorite things to do is watch basketball games with the Brewers. I think this was the 13th or 14th game we've seen with them. After a quick dinner in Olney, we headed out to College Park with Dave and Jen. Unfortunately, it was a disappointing loss, but an evening with Brew and Jen was worth it.

Even the Burger King was there!
The pregame handshake between coaches:
The student section. Nothing but red shirts and blue jeans.
For those who've never been to Comcast Center here's the routine: the opposing team is announced and the students shake copies of the Diamondback newspaper during the intro. (We're not listening!) As each name is announced, they shout.....well they shout. The papers are wadded up and tossed out. Then the Terps take the floor.

More.....gestures from the students.
DJ Strawberry on the line.
Let's do it again, Dave and Jen!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Chubby Bunny

Janelle is part of a wonderful History and Literature Co-op called Tapestry of Grace which meets at our house twice a week. This week it was Tommy Hill's turn to teach the literature class about King Hezekiah. Well, the following pictures have nothing to do with King Hezekiah, but the kids sure had fun at class. After the class discussion, they played Chubby Bunny. The objective is to stuff as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible and still clearly say "chubby bunny." Here are a few shots and if you have the stomach for it you can click here to see the rest.

(photo credit: Janelle)

(I just realized I could post one embarassing photo of a Tiren after another and be set for quite a while! Sorry, Libby. You were the funniest one.)