Friday, February 02, 2007

Chubby Bunny

Janelle is part of a wonderful History and Literature Co-op called Tapestry of Grace which meets at our house twice a week. This week it was Tommy Hill's turn to teach the literature class about King Hezekiah. Well, the following pictures have nothing to do with King Hezekiah, but the kids sure had fun at class. After the class discussion, they played Chubby Bunny. The objective is to stuff as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible and still clearly say "chubby bunny." Here are a few shots and if you have the stomach for it you can click here to see the rest.

(photo credit: Janelle)

(I just realized I could post one embarassing photo of a Tiren after another and be set for quite a while! Sorry, Libby. You were the funniest one.)

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elise b. said...

That was so funny!! I'm so glad i didn't do that!