Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Favorite Pastime

One of our favorite things to do is watch basketball games with the Brewers. I think this was the 13th or 14th game we've seen with them. After a quick dinner in Olney, we headed out to College Park with Dave and Jen. Unfortunately, it was a disappointing loss, but an evening with Brew and Jen was worth it.

Even the Burger King was there!
The pregame handshake between coaches:
The student section. Nothing but red shirts and blue jeans.
For those who've never been to Comcast Center here's the routine: the opposing team is announced and the students shake copies of the Diamondback newspaper during the intro. (We're not listening!) As each name is announced, they shout.....well they shout. The papers are wadded up and tossed out. Then the Terps take the floor.

More.....gestures from the students.
DJ Strawberry on the line.
Let's do it again, Dave and Jen!

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tk said...

Great Pictures!!!!

What kind of camera do you use Jean?