Saturday, July 21, 2007

What are you doing this summer?

Ahhh, summer. Some things we've been doing recently....
Enjoying the pool with friends.
Of course, Janelle continues playing basketball. She finished up on her third team since October, playing for Bob Ferry's summer league. She had a great time getting to play with the Varsity team. (Thanks for coming out to support her, Coach!) She'll head to Five Star Basketball Camp for a week in Emmitsburg, MD next week.
Elise spent almost 3 weeks in Mexico with the Youth Ministry from CLC, but being on the Admin. Team there are almost no pictures of the Admin. at all. Apparently they were busy shopping and cooking for dozens of people and didn't get in many pictures. (I think she's fine with that.) We're glad to have her back home!!
Evelyn was delighted to participate in Olivia's Camp Ladybug. It included Arts & Crafts, Cake Decorating, Sewing, Spa Day, and making Ice Cream Sundaes, all while continually reminding them of God's love and care for them.
(She's playing "Tongues" with the girls)

Olivia did a wonderful job creating a very special week for these little girls.
Evelyn had a couple of weeks of swimming lessons with her favorite teacher, Katie. She even began learning butterfly.
We tried out Rita's Italian Ice, but it was a No-Go with my family. I don't like ice cream so I can't judge, but custard and shaved ice just didn't measure up to real creamy ice cream for them.
Evelyn just finished up a week of Sewing Camp with Joyce. What a wonderful opportunity for her! The other girls were several years older than Ev, but she held her own and came away with a cute pair of shorts she'll enter in the 4H Dept. at the Fair.
Joyce is quite a talented and sweet young girl. She kept everyone on track all week with great patience and joy.
Last night we tried out our firepit and roasted 2 bags of marshmallows with the Rashfords. (That's a lot of sugar!)

(Ok, what is up with them in this picture? Don't they look like they're about to start incantations any minute?)
The mesmerizing effect of a roaring fire.
And in just 2 weeks we'll head south to the brand new Marriott Grand Dunes Resort in Myrtle Beach.
August 5th can't come soon enough!
What are you doing this summer?


Mike Hartnett said...

FIRST to comment!!!11

I'm glad our summer thus far has included the kind folk of Rayford's Crossing.

Consider yourselves invited to a firepit at "Timmy & Ronny's Crossing" in about a years time. And don't worry we won't skimp on the incantations at our ceremony!

Andree said...

bec and i LOVE rita's! it's a go-to date night for us.

Becca said...

we do love Rita's but I prefer the ice to the custard. mango ice all the way for me.

ah, summer... why is it already almost August?! :-(

Garrett said...

you didn't like Rita's!!?? you must not have had the Mango Misto Shake then... : )