Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Seven year-olds are the best

My baby girl Evelyn is, in my view, the definition of the word sweet. She's very affectionate and one of her favorite things to do is go on dates with Mommy. We usually end up at Starbucks playing a game of checkers. In fact we even donated a new checkers set to Starbucks recently so we'd have a complete game to play with. I love enjoying simple pleasures with her. Last night as I was putting her to bed this was the brief conversation we had:
"Mommy, let's go someplace together and have a date."
"OK, where do you want to go?"
So much for simple pleasures. Someday Emmy, we'll go and drink strawberry frappacinos together in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Love you, Em!


lisey said...

i love her so much it hurts.

tk said...

She's so pretty!