Monday, July 09, 2007

Somewhere, someone is always watching you - be sure to smile.

On July 4th, before heading to RFK for a noon game, my generous husband took the 4 women in his life to a lovely breakfast at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in D.C. We then took a side trip to the site of the new Nationals Stadium to see how it is progressing and get a few pictures. Little did we know they were taking pictures of us from the webcam. Christoph went onto the Clark Construction website and found us. Kinda cool/creepy!
Click to enlarge.
(Remember, you're always being watched.)


Andree said...

thats great!

mike hartnett said...

that's creeepy that you saw yourself on their site!

I love the shot with that dorko Roosevelt dude :D

Kelley Murphy said...

ahem. where is Elise's nationals shirt??????