Saturday, June 23, 2007

At the Park with the Brewers

The Brewer kids were very willing subjects for Janelle recently. We met them at the park and Janelle did a photo shoot with them. A few of the 500 shots she took are here on her blog.Yep, these are four of the cutest kids you will ever meet - no question. Caleb started out a little timid, but became quick friends with Janelle, although he was having trouble with her name. "Caleb, her name is Janelle. Can you say Janelle?" "Nun?" Ya, sure, ok you can call her Nun if you want to.
Listen pal, with that adorable face you can do whatever you want as far as I'm concerned. (Dave and Jen - don't ask me to babysit for you unless you don't mind me undoing all of your hard work.)

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