Thursday, June 07, 2007

You know it's summertime when...

You spend the day at the Antietam Recreation Center
The Rope Swing

The Zip Line

The Carousel
The Rope Bridge

The Wild West Show

The Petting Farm

The River Slide. This very old, very loud tractor runs the very homemade River Slide.

(click on this picture. You've gotta see their expressions!)

This is nothing like the Log Ride at King's Dominion. When this thing hits the water it feels like you've hit concrete.
Then the very old, very loud tractor pulls the car back up the hill.
Of course Evelyn was content to spend the rest of the afternoon in the pool.
"Mom! Watch me do a handstand!"
Yep, summer's here!


Jen said...

great pictures, Jean. Antietam is such fun!

Elise said...

so fun! i've got to go sometime... =)