Wednesday, June 06, 2007

8R Tapestry Class

Since the 8th grade Tapestry class met at our house I was able to get a lot of pictures throughout the year. Janelle and Libby did an excellent job putting this slideshow together for the class. While they had lectures twice a week, the more interesting activites to capture are here in the slideshow. Some of the things you'll see are painting Egyptian god facsimiles, carving soap sculptures, measuring Noah's Ark, playing Ancient History Jeopardy against the other classes, writing Hebrew Scrolls, making Hammentaschen for Purim, playing Bible Pictionary (girls against the boys - girls won!), re-enacting a Greek Tragedy, making stained glass pieces, and of course playing Ultimate Frisbee. To the 8R class, it's been a joy having you in our home. Can't wait until September!

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tk said...

very cool video! i also liked learning about rayford. i remember him at alpha, smart man!