Sunday, December 21, 2008

When friends fall in love

Once there was a little girl named Elise who went to Michael's bowling birthday party. Garrett was there, too.

Elise ignored Garrett. She played with Lydia.


As they grew older, Garrett and Elise stopped ignoring each other, even though they tried.

One day Garrett asked Elise to be his wife.

And she said she would.


And now Elise loves him. And he loves her.

The End.


ange said...

i love that story. g & e we have talked ALL weekend about how HAPPY we are for you two. God's goodness to you both is aMAZing. love your faces.

not to mention, little jeremy and little jesse make my heart happy.

Peter Bang said...

that's very sweet. it's funny to see that picture of them when they're young. even mike h. is cute in that one!

Lydia said...

oh my goodness. and we even wore matching star wars t-shirts. i love old photos! and i love even better old friends! wow.

The Glabs said...

Congratulations! We are so extremely happy for you all! What a wonderful testimony of God's faithfulness -- and what a great example you are to those around you. Hugs!

Beth said...

I'm so excited for EVERYONE! Oh, and you'll have to tell Elise that I was in the middle of Walmart finishing up Christmas shopping when I got her text. I did a little scream and scared the elderly couple walking past me. :)

And then, when I told Steve a few seconds later, I nearly cried from joy. Rejoicing with you all!!! <3

noelle said...

awww, that's my favorite story :)
congratulations elise and garret!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you! What a cool thing to have so many pics from the big day~ Happy for you guys...
Lisa M.

Jess said...

So happy for you all!

Becca said...

those are the best stories. and such cute goofy kiddies.