Friday, December 05, 2008

what are the chances?

I've been tagged. I'm not a fan of these tag games. I'm too old for this, but since it was from Ange and she's so cute I can't bring myself to say no to her. She asked me to go to my sixth picture folder, pick the sixth picture, and post it. I have tens of thousands of photos so I decided to pick one from my new hard drive where I've recently begun storing them. Honest, this is the sixth picture in the sixth folder! What do I remember from that day? I remember a very funny car ride to Philly with the Riddlesbergers on a hot summer day. I remember getting to give Jer a hug and kiss before his wedding. I remember Jeremy's upper lip disappearing from smiling so hard when Ange walked down the aisle. I remember the view from my seat; that amazing scar on the back of Jer's head is such a picture of God's grace. I remember a handsome sweet young groomsman in the wedding party, of whom I am rather fond. I remember having a wonderful conversation with David and Andrea Sharp after not seeing them for years. I remember finally meeting Meg Hayes. And mostly I remember being so very happy that God brought these two kids together in marriage that day. To the folks in Philly, thanks for letting Ange go, hard as it was. We're taking care of her down here.

The handsome groomsman and his adorable date. (I'm including it because they're cute and I love them both and I'm the mom so I can. My seniority in this game allows me to ammend the rules.)
My friends, you have been tagged:

Kimmers, Kelley, Jess Aveni, Mrs. K., and Sarah Bearah


ange said...

unbelievable! i'm glad you were there for our big day. and i love the scar on the back of dudes head.

The Glabs said...

My ... well, I will definitely fit this into my weekend - somehow! Fun post JB and I will update as soon as I can. Hugs!

Sarah said...

well that is pretty amazing that this was the picture!!
what a great day :)
well I am glad you got to talk to my parents that day - wish I'd had a chance to talk with you more!
Mike and I are due for a visit to G-burg soon, so hopefully we'll see everyone soon!!