Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Secret Psyche

Evelyn made Invitationals for the swim team. Each year the kids pick names for their "Secret Psyche" and and secretly give each other gifts during the week preceding the final meet. Evelyn's Secret Pysche left notes on our driveway and really fun gifts for her almost daily.
She loved coming home to new surprises....
....and more notes on the driveway!
At the Invitational Meet her Secret Psyche was revealed! Thanks for making her week so much fun, Corinne!
Preparing to swim

She swam 25 meter freestyle and butterfly. Here she is about to swim the first leg in the final 150 meter freestyle relay as Kendall cheers her on.
Well done Ev!
The poster and sunglasses were more gifts from Corinne that Ev found waiting for her at the pool the morning of the meet.

Spending the summer at swim practices and meets with you Glabs has been a wonderful highlight for our family. You're the greatest!! We love you!


Furnish Family Mom said...

I love the last photo. How precious to see the fellowship among these godly young ladies.

Andree said...

invitationals?! wow!! way-to-go Ev!!!!

The Glabs said...

How fun! We had an awesome time psyching Ev up for the week. Thanks Jean for all of the pool-side coffee chats. We love hanging with you all.

grey_pumpkin said...

Is it ok that these photos make me want to throw up?

I guess you've captured the heart and soul of the 'Invitational' all too well Aunt Jean :D

Way to Go little Ev!

Believe it or not when i was a little mike i too swam in an invitational. I loved the sickly, slurping noises of the swim cap. I loved the burn of the sugar powder candy against my lips. I loved the roar of the crowd awaiting my ear as i surfaced for every breath.

I loved everything except SWIMMING and wearing a SPEEDO sans anything else a chic, upmarket human being, like myself, would wear. namely.. clothes


- Mike

tessa said...

yeah for summer swim team!
now those sharks should just join MCSL ;)