Monday, March 31, 2008

A Storybook Ending...

That's how the NATS 2008 Season Opener at the new Nationals Park will be remembered - and we were there! We loaded up the Tiren's van (thank you, Craig!) at 3:00 and headed to DC for an 8:15 game. (Yes, it really was worth getting there that early.) NATS fanatics in the van in addition to Christoph and me included Dave and Jen, Don and Kim, Dre and Becca, and Jim and Andrew Cowan. (Andrew was in the back of the van asleep on the floor.)

Christoph and Craig share a fanaticism for the NATS that is difficult to compete with. But as hard as he tried, Christoph couldn't get a ticket for him for the opener. He entered virtually every contest there was to be had, but to no avail. The last resort was to try to get a ticket on the street once we got downtown. Long story short, Christoph was finally offered a ticket by someone selling one at face value for $38. It was 5:15 pm. He called Craig on his cell and said, "Craig! Score! Get on the Metro now!!" We went into the park and kept tabs on Craig by phone as he headed to the stadium.
Since President Bush was throwing out the first pitch, security was extremely tight. Fortunately we didn't wait in line at all and got right in.

Dave and Jen's new franchise:
As we walked around the stadium the line to get in grew and grew. Trying to get 40,000 people through security took a very long time. The line stretched farther than we could see. See? It really WAS worth getting there as early as we did!
Unfortunately, Craig did get caught in the long line. The pre-game ceremonies started at 7:45 when they showed a brief video and announced the Braves line-up. Craig finally made it to his seat at 7:54 when the announcer said, "And now, here is the Washington Nationals lineup!"

And there he is! See him? Right there below....

That fan with the binoculars looking right at us.....
The President's first pitch.

Heading toward the dugout to greet the Lerners, Mayor Fenty, and Stan Kasten.
First pitch at Nationals Park 2008.
At the bottom of the 8th the Braves tied the score 2 to 2. Time for rally caps. Even Dronkey joined in. And of course, Ryan Zimmerman hit his famous walk-off home run to win the game in true storybook fashion!

Thank you, Christoph for all the work you did organizing this crew of fans to see an amazing and historical baseball game. Being with you is my favorite place to be.


jelly said...

yay! so cool, can't wait to go!!

Becca said...

what a fun, COLD day!--I love those last two pictures. cuties! :-)

Andree said...

happy birthday!