Saturday, March 22, 2008

How does she do it?

I got to keep the kiddos yesterday while Jen took Sarah to the clinic. We had a blast and I now remember why I was thinner when I had small children - no chance to sit down. I figured the key to a successful day was planning. I even wrote out 2 different schedules of things to do! We host a high school History and Literature co-op at our house twice a week that Janelle is a part of, so I let the kids "spy" on the students from the balcony as they arrived for class. It wasn't my week to teach, so I left the house with one parent in charge of 25 teenagers. (tee-hee! Sorry Buff, but I heard you did an outstanding job!) While they discussed Moliere's "Tartuffe", we headed off to the Damascus Library.

Alethea is learning to read and apparently has never met a book she didn't love. She came home with about 34 books. Literally. Sorry, Jen. :)
We took a snack break outside on a picnic table, but everyone was too cold and headed into the van. {Side note: last week when we had dinner with the Brewer's, Janelle played a rousing game of hide-and-seek with the kids and completely won Caleb's heart. Now when he sees her he just stares at her and giggles like he's seeing a movie star.} While we sat in the van eating our snacks, Caleb was scarfing down his bag of chips. Without looking up, he shook his head and said to himself, "I love Janelle. I love Janelle." Yep, I spent much of the day laughing, mostly at Caleb.
We found a goofy broken-down playground and stopped to play for a while. Again, it was a bit too cold so it was time to head to McDonald's for lunch.

I made them eat their lunch before going into the playplace. Alethea asked for dipping sauce so I went back to the counter to get several packs and gave them to her. Then I see this little hand waving in front of my face. Caleb, of course. "Yoohoo! Yoohoo! Mzzz. Mays? K'nie have summa dat? Yoooohoooo!!"
We finished lunch and spent time in the Playplace. (Have you ever noticed that every kid that comes down that little slide has an entire head full of static electricity? What's up with that?) As soon as we got back into the van I hear, "Now what? What are we doing next?" Thank goodness for that "plan." We came home and had an Easter egg hunt in the yard. Evelyn had filled 2 dozen plastic eggs with jellybeans and she and Janelle hid them around the yard.

At this point we loaded everyone back into the van to take Janelle up to play practice at church. On the way home we stopped by the Airpark (which the kiddos had never been to - hint, hint Dave) and watched the planes take off and land. I didn't have my camera with me, so no pics. We stood at the gate right where two people were about to board their plane. They had a little dog with them that the kids got to pet her through the fence. The man said, "Her name is Amelia Earhart. She's my co-pilot." Mikaela gasped and looked at me with astonishment when he said that. I explained that the dog was just going to ride in the plane with them. Then they got in the plane, turned on the engine, and pulled up to the runway. We had a great view of the whole thing. They waved at us as the plane sped down the runway and up into the sky. Mikaela watched it climb into the sky, turned to me and said, "Wow! How does a dog fly a plane?!"
Elise got to come home from work a little early and the kids surrounded her. They curled up on the couch and watched "Jungle Book" and played Disney's Scene It.
Next on the schedule was dyeing Easter eggs which was a big hit, but was done quickly. "What's next?"
The day was almost over, so we headed back outside to play. Now remember my kids are a bit older so there's not a lot of little people toys in the garage anymore. So Caleb found a butterfly net and declared with great resolve, "I'm going to catch butterflies!" Bear in mind it was about 52 degrees outside.
I think all he caught was a tennis ball.
Garrett came by to pick up Elise. While he was walking across the yard, Caleb turned to me and said, "Who's him?" I said, "Caleb you know him. That's Garrett." Except Caleb can't pronounce his name quite right.
"Carrot! Hey Carrot! Chase me, Carrot! Catch me on the slide, Carrot! Watch this, Carrot!"
I like that. I think I'm gonna start calling him Carrot, too. ;)
All that to say, Jen I think you're amazing. Your children are a joy to be with and your's and Dave's investment in them is very evident. I look forward to many more days like this one. Once I get a good night's sleep. :)


Kelley Murphy said...

I knew there was a reason I love Caleb. Carrot.

Laura said...

You're the Greatest, Funnest, Coolest MOM EVER!!!!

Happy Easter!

Furnish Family Mom said...

Jean, what a servant you are!! How fun for the Brewer kids to have such a wonderful babysitter!! Judy <><