Friday, April 18, 2008

Another day at the clinic

I got to spend some time today with Jen and Sarah at the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Clinic where Sarah gets her treatment. Sarah is doing so well. She was such a trooper despite doctors and nurses constantly poking and prodding her.
I love this picture: like mother, like daughter. Exact same expression. :)

Sarah has to have her blood pressure taken regularly during treatment and needless to say it's very uncomfortable for her. The nurses couldn't get an accurate reading if she was fussy and moving around a lot, which she did.

Once Jen got her attention and started singing to her, Sarah was completely still and peaceful.

Jen, I love you my friend and we continue to pray for complete healing for your sweet little girl. Thank you for being my friend, for my birthday gift, for your example of trust in a sovereign and loving God, and for loving your baby girl. I want to be like you.

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Jerusha said...

Jean- these are great photos. Thanks for spending the day with them. I know it was a blessing to Jen.