Monday, February 04, 2008

Two's company, three's.....well you know the rest.

Three "hood"lums on a couch.



Laura said...

Jean, visit

she gives you a nice "shout out."

tessa said...

elise is so funny.

i copied & got a sitemeter.
thanks for the link ;)

Becca said...

I thought of these pictures last night. We were talking KG pictures on the couch and some of them kept putting their hoods up... :-P

We like you guys a heck of a lot too. I'm pestering Dre to email Doc and work on lining up schedules to make a dinner happen. Or should I email you instead? :-) (Elise and I figure Evelyn's schedule is going to be the hardest to work with.)

Becca said...

err... or "taking pictures" not "talking". I'm sick. I'm allowed to misspell.