Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nell's first photo shoot

The Glab girls surprised their parents for their 20 annivaersary by having pictures taken of all 4 girls and their new pupppy, Amy. They asked me to take them, but I handed the camera over to Janelle and let her take 90% of them. We had such fun sneaking around behind Don and Kim's back to get these done. I spent much of the time laughing. When we tried to get the head shot of the girls on the ground, Kimberly had me laughing so hard I could barely breathe! Here are just a few of the many shots we took. These are all Janelle's photos.

Nice work, Janelle!
Happy Anniversary, Don and Kim. You are a blessed family!


Jojo said...

Great Job Janelle!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jean and Janelle,
What a wonderful, tremendous, fabulous, awesome, amazing, blessing!!!! Thank you SO much!!!
Love and Hugs - Kim and Don

britt said...

aw, those are SO good, Janelle!

Can't wait to see how much better you'll get!

tk said...

Your pics are amazing! I enjoyed viewing them. You have a good eye for Photography and Basketball!
Mrs K

Becca said...

wow these are really good pictures

Mary Foster said...

Janelle---OK, so I didn't have a clue that you were in the ranks of Brit K and others with your photography. These are some great shots of the Glab girls ;-)

Also, LOVED the shot you have for memorizing scripture with the tree. That's a nice Psalm as well---any chance I can get that blown up to give to my hubby the treeman? Have your mom talk to me--

Keep growing in your gift ;-)

Jean said...

Thanks for your encouragement to Janelle! The tree is one I took at the Ag Farm. You're welcome to it. I'll call you.

Lindsay said...

I finally got to see them! SO CUTE, Janelle. what a budding young photographer you are!