Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A taste of farm life

For three weeks, the 4H club that we belong to, "Back In Time," has responsibility for caring for the farm animals at the Agricultural Farm. The kids in the club take morning or afternoon shifts. This morning was our first shift. We met Cindy, our fearless Back In Time leader, early this morning and she walked Janelle and Evelyn through the care of the calf, cow, pigs, and goats.
Cindy has named the 2 week old calf Chloe. She sucks down two of these huge bottles.
Fresh straw for the Jersey cow.
Pumping water.
This cow watched intently as Evelyn filled up her breakfast bucket.

On to the little piggies...

...and over to the goats.

Cindy told me she often has her quiet time in that red chair. It's so quiet, it was hard to believe we were right in the heart of Montgomery County, and not far from our own backyard.
I must admit, it was a very refreshing way to start the day.

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The Murphys said...

it was pretty early in the morning, judging by those pictures! =)