Friday, March 02, 2007

National Pig Day

You do realize March 1st is National Pig Day, don't you? Thought not. Neither do most people - except the Riddlesbergers. Each year on March 1 for about the past 15 years we receive a visit from Scot, Beth, Nick and Abby with a pig cake in hand. For some reason we always forget this is coming. (We tend to celebrate major, important holidays - like Christmas.) This year we decided to catch the Bergers off guard. We ate dinner in the dark in the dining room to get a better view out of the front of our house in order to see their headlights as they drove up our street....filled balloons with confetti and as they drove into our driveway we snuck around the back of the house. As they went to the front door, we quietly filled their car with confetti and snuck back around the house.
When no one answered the door they came back to their car...

Not a huge sabotage job, but at least we stirred things up a bit. You have to understand this family. They are the supreme rulers of practical jokes. Especially the unassuming ringleader, Beth. This is a woman who year after year in the dorms at Celebration would turn to me at 11:00 at night and say, "So what are we going to do tonight?" I'm a little nervous what next March 1st holds in store for us.
(We're praying for you, Nick.)

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