Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Slowly but Surely, or A Girl and Her Cello

Meet Evelyn's cello teacher, Josh. Evelyn participated in a Violin Camp last summer, but quickly decided that the cello would be her instrument after watching Josh play. Most of the cello music she plays are pieces she has played on the piano so she plays them primarily by ear. In an effort to get Evelyn to truly read music, Josh recently wrote a short Etude for her. He wrote it in the car between his many classes. (I guess when you're a practiced musician you can do that sort of thing!) It has no particular melody to it so she has to figure out each note as she plays. She practiced it all week and played it for him during her lesson yesterday. His response? "Great job, Evelyn. Now play it this way," and he proceeded to turn the paper upside down. It became an entirely new piece. Thanks for being a great teacher, Josh and for keeping Evelyn on her toes.Performing at her recital accompanied by Josh.
A few weeks ago Evelyn pushed through a lesson but was struggling with a cold. Josh said, "Since you're not feeling well you can sit on the couch and I'll give you a little concert." He played what I think is the most beautiful cello music ever written, The Prelude to the First Bach Cello Suite. Amazing and inspiring to hear up close and loud in my living room! Ask him to play it for you.


Kelley Murphy said...

oh, to have talent. =) go, Evelyn, go!

Lydia said...

Josh let me mess around with his cello a few weeks back. I played the first few notes of the National Anthem on accident...maybe I have yet to discover my gift? ;)

But seriously, I'm so happy Ev has starting playing that lovely instrument. I want to hear her play sometime!