Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The boys and the pup


Thanksgiving - November 27, 2008



January 24, 2009.
What a difference two months makes!!

(I still can't believe I have a dog.....)


Julie said...

Oh my goodness...how Maggie has grown! I have to come visit!

Kelley Murphy said...

golly she's huge! =)

TK said...

I want one!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! SHE IS REALLY GROWN!!! lol....wow...=)

LeAnne said...

That middle pic is absolutely adorable. It almost makes me want to get a puppy......but then I scrolled down to the third pic where Evan is holding a DOG. :)

Jean said...

LeAnne - And??

In the words of my friend Betsy, "Does the cat DO anything? Does it COME when you call it's name?"

Case closed.


Jess said...

We're thinking about getting a golden...but are concerned about our wood floors. How are yours holding up?

nolly said...

OH MY. She is so grown up.

p.s. yes, actually, a cat does come when it's called. and it snuggles with you.

ktkeller said...

oh.my.gosh. I've been waiting for a picture of the girl. Thanks!

David said...

My goodness, in two months, Garrett shrunk and started to look a LOT more like Evan!!