Monday, August 13, 2007

Grand Dunes

Yes Betsy, it really does look like the pictures on the website....

...and yes it was very relaxing.

Janelle finally gave in and decided to have 10 inches cut off her hair while we were at the beach. I don't have any "After" photos. You'll have to see her in person.

We had lots of fun on these hammocks. There were 12 of them beneath a grove of palm trees.

Elise, the photographer.

And last, but not least - meet Eugene. (My family insisted I include a picture of him.) He was about 4 inches in diameter, nestled in a huge web at the entrance of the resort. Each time we drove in or out of the resort we yelled, "Hi Eugene!" You have to understand my family. They're just like that. So we had to include him. For those of you who are squeamish about spiders - too bad. You probably haven't bothered to read this far anyway.


Jojo said...

Yeah!! Janelle was telling me about Eugene... now I can finally see Eugene!

"coach" said...

Eugene... good name. : ) Weird but when our family and the Loftness family went to the Outer Banks, we named a spider that was living in the garage "Harry." Whatsup with beaches and spider names?
Glad y'all had fun! : )

tk said...

love the pic of elise & chris, precious memories!

Anonymous said...

You all are so hilarious -- I really enjoyed the photos, was wondering how your vacation went.
I do like Eugene. and I really loved the Flicker photos!

Case said...

beautiful! such good pictures all around, and especially some very cute ones of Sweetest!

i too heard about Eugene. i think you guys liked the spider more than the beach.

Kelley Murphy said...

At least Eugene was not a cricket.

Nora said...

Loved the picture of the sand and water!