Monday, August 27, 2007

Chalk drawings

Janelle's Art teacher, Sue Kay, does the chalk drawings at our local Starbucks. From time to time over the past year and a half she has had Janelle fill in for her when she's unable to do it. She took off several weeks over the summer including all of August, so Janelle was busy. Sometimes she brings a friend and much of the summer Kendall has helped out.

Their "paycheck" is a nice cold frappucino.


mike h said...

I always smile when i see the signs at *bucks - way to go nelly!

Kelley Murphy said...

are you kidding me. i always stand there and look at them like "who is that talented?" well now i know. sheesh.

case said...

ditto what Mike said! i always wonder if Nelly's been at it again :0)

case said...

and PS... David took art with Sue Kay when he was youngerish.

Jess said...

Your girls are so talented! I have a question for you...Dave and I just bought a Nikon D80. I'm really looking forward to starting to learn how to use it. Do you have any thoughts? I was thinking classes at a local community college or Ritz. Also, what lenses do you recommend having and what computer programs do you use to edit your pictures? Your pictures are always so beautiful!
Jess (Mordente) Aveni