Saturday, November 24, 2007

Traditions - old and new

Tradition: Thanksgiving dinner at Rayford's Crossing.
19 gathered around the dining room table for turkey. There was food, football, and....Sophia! She made our day. Some photos from the weekend....

Tradition: football on Thanksgiving.

The following is for Sophia and Danny:
"We're going to see Uncle Ed!"

"We're going to see UNCLE ED!"

We love you, Sophia!Tradition:
When the Mays cousins get together, nuttiness ensues.
Crazy cousins heading to the horse farm for a "photo shoot."

The angry model look. Ha!

The day after Thanksgiving we get our Christmas tree. No, we don't go to the forest to chop one down - been there before - many times. Johnson's is our spot.

New tradition:
Pumpkin bowling/smashing. Bowl the now mushy pumpkins down the hill...

and smash them against the trees. Apparently Janelle and Evelyn have done this in years past.

Back to the Christmas tree.

Ummm, I don't really know what's going on here.

We met the Ricucci's at the theater and saw "Enchanted" - great movie - and came back to the house for pizza and games.

The decorations are all up. Now all we need is snow!
: photographers for this post - Jean, Janelle, Elise, Garrett :


Jen said...

Sweet post, Jean. I so enjoy the "life" shots of your family having fun... making memories. My favorite shot is #6 of the older girlies. :) jen

4522=Glab said...

So wonderful to see your traditions old and new! Love you guys! xo

The Murphys said...

bring on the holiday kookiness, that's what i say.

leesh ;) said...

oh so fun :) i love christmas! love you guys!

Kathy said...

I don't get it. You set up your tree. It stands up STRAIGHT. You take the pumpkins off the mantle. You go outside and throw them down the hill. You come back inside and POOF, your entire house and tree are decorated, stockings hang from the mantle and company is there...eating.

The rest of us decorate the tree. Then, we pick it back up off the floor three or four times and spend the rest of the night super-gluing the ornaments back together.

Did you hire a professional to do that?

I had a friend whose favorite Christmas memory was sipping hot chocolate while playing Christmas music and watching the handyman decorate their tree.

I had another friend that kept the tree decorated in the attic. All they had to do was bring it out.