Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The sights in D.C. in December

In the month of December, there are holiday sights to see all around. So we gathered our family together and did what most people do this time of year - we drove into a deserted and sketchy neighborhood in Southeast D.C to check on the progress of the new Nationals Stadium. What a beautiful thing to behold! Being the diehard Nats fans that we are, we're documenting the progress of the stadium and it's coming along nicely. Oh, and we also stopped by to see the National Christmas Tree at the White House, along with a few thousand other families. I suppose it's a popular attraction. While we waited for dark in order to fully appreciate the Christmas lights, we ducked into the Archives building, grabbed a hotdog on the street for dinner, then headed over to the Elipse. Merry Christmas and GO NATS!


cassandra said...

here is what i love:

1. your pictures.
2. your family.
3. christmas lights.

not necessarily in that order.

Kathryn said...

That National Christmas tree is from Washington State this year!

miguel said...

i love the one of ev on the the steps!!